Maintenance plan and CMMS software

Maintenance plan template and CMMS software

Maintenance plan scheduling and intervention management optimization are usually the most required features when implementing a CMMS software. The idea is to follow in real time using your CMMS each fixed or variable intervals scheduled intervention, and to make sure that they have been carried out properly. Preventive maintenance operations scheduling is the base of every maintenance service, and is almost compulsory for safety or regulatory purposes, or simply allows to ensure the proper functioning of your bottleneck machine. Maintenance plans enable you to follow maintenance operations and operations correctly, which are often asked during external or internal audits.

There are several ways to schedule operations in your CMMS: you can start an intervention using a calendar with a measured value or counter, or release a work order using an external value, or using a connected sensor. Maintenance schedule is generally quite complicated to set up in classic CMMS softwares. Mobility Work’s social network is inspired by daily life tools: that is the reason why we decided to simplify the interface of the maintenance planning creation feature, which is now both easy and efficient.

How to create a maintenance planning :

  • Select the type of event (daily, monthly, yearly);
  • Choose the time length (every 5 months, every 3 weeks) and the number of recurrences;
  • Select the equipment part of the maintenance plan (one or several). For instance, you can create a maintenance plan for your network’s overhead cranes;
  • Select technicians assigned to these maintenance operations. You can select a group of users and schedule a monthly preventive lubrication maintenance operation on a specific granulator for the mechanic team. Every technician will be notified of the situation of the operations he was assigned to;
  • Add keywords, in order to improve your maintenance schedule analysis and provide more information to others users. Keywords can be: preventive, mechanical, electrical, production shutdown, safety, environment, etc.;
  • Add the end date or a number of recurrences. You can postpone/reschedule a maintenance operation at any time. The Mobility Work CMMS allows you to reschedule the intervention or to reschedule other interventions;
  • Add a planned downtime to the machine: this information is usually provided by the production department;
  • Add the planned intervention length, which will enable production managers to be aware of the potential time dedicated to the planned maintenance intervention;
  • Add documents on each operation, such as ranges of maintenance operations, checklists, spare parts lists, etc. There is no limit of files allowed, and many format are authorized (Excel, XLS, CSV, Word, PDF, etc.).

You can finally see the maintenance plan calendar, and submit it.

mobile cmms software maintenance management system maintenance plan

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You can also release an intervention using a measured or a counter value. The process is similar to calendar maintenance plans, except that for example, you can schedule an intervention as soon as the 80 tons value has been reached.

You can also use Mobility Work’s APIs in order to launch an intervention from an external system. Easy to set up, an API is a universal connector which enables you to start an operation in the Mobility Work CMMS using an external value. Potential connections are:

  • Submit a work order using a value from your production system (rejects, etc.);
  • Start an intervention using a MES value;
  • Start an intervention using a value from your ERP;
  • Start an intervention using a measured value from an industrial automaton;
  • Start an intervention using a measured value from a sensor;
  • Start an intervention using a badge system, etc.

The “my maintenance plans management” feature enables you to see:

  • The list of your scheduled maintenance.
  • their current situation (for example 10 ongoing occurrences out of 32);
  • the description of the intervention, its name, picture, technician assigned, associated tags, the start and end dates;
  • the calendar form of each planned occurrence.

You can also pause one or several maintenance plans and start them again at any time. This can be very useful if your plant is shut down for one month during summer and that your daily planned activities has to be paused. You can also filter your maintenance plans list:

  • filter using keywords from the maintenance schedule description;
  • filter using start and end dates;
  • filter interventions according to cost centers, which correspond to financial or geographical divisions of your equipment;
  • filter according to the situation of the maintenance schedule (ongoing, pause, or finished);
  • filter according to tags (electrical, preventive, mechanical, regulatory, etc.) associated to the maintenance plan;
  • filter by user or group of users assigned to the maintenance schedule.

You can then display all the interventions associated to your maintenance plans using Mobility Work’s research feature. For instance, you can:

  • see the intervention time and the number of interventions from one or several maintenance plans, with the keywords “engine inspection”;
  • see a list of equipment with a scheduled or unscheduled maintenance work order. This list can then be extracted in Excel, PDF, etc.
  • see the list of all late maintenance plans on a production line, etc.

mobile cmms software maintenance management system calendar

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Finally, the analytics feature from the Mobility Work CMMS will allow you to improve the analysis of your maintenance work order. Creating and starting 1500 maintenance plans is a first step, you then need to analyze them in order to refine their relevance. That is the reason why we offer you to analyse the number of interventions coming from a maintenance schedule, as well as the average delay per work order or per piece of equipment.

Thanks to manufacturers' catalogue available on the Mobility Work maintenance social network, get a list of equipment with their document, spare parts and maintenance schedule. You can duplicate your equipment at any time to be the closest to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and be notified in case of improvement or new information regarding your piece of equipment.

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